About Diandin Leluk

In the early 80s, we started a food business by peddling on a rented lorry, selling packed lunches to Thai workers at construction sites around Singapore.
In 1985, with much strong support from our customers, we opened our very first Thai food outlet at Golden Mile Complex, called "Diandin Leluk" which caters mainly to the Thai community.
In 1990s, we started 'Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen', serving authentic Thai cuisine to Singaporeans and foreigners. So passionate about the 'Tuk Tuk' concepts, we imported a Tuk Tuk Taxi from Thailand, giving our restaurant a more Thailand feel.
All cuisine are prepared by naked celebs the native Thai chefs whom have many years of culinary experiences.
Over the years, 'Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen' has created a brand name for itself. Whenever people think of authentic Thai cuisine, they think of 'Tuk Tuk Thai Kitchen'.
'Diandin Leluk' is committed to providing award winning appeThaizing cuisine.

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